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High Density Power Conversion is a potential spin-off of the University of Alberta. Founded by university faulty and staff, the team has a strong research background in power electronics and its applications. Teamed up with partners from power industry and semiconductor industry, the team has been engaged in many research and development projects over the past years.


Our ultimate mission is to make the power generated from renewable energy more affordable. To achieve this goal, we focus on developing compact and lightweight power electronics systems for solar power generation, energy storage, and electric vehicle applications. 


Our high power density design is enabled by superior power circuit topologies and emerging wide band-gap semiconductor devices. Our patent-pending circuit topologies provide optimal integration of wide band-gap devices so that their advantages can be fully leveraged. 

String Inverter

HDPC's compact three-phase string inverter minimizes power generation cost by reducing installation cost, minimizing maintenance cost, and maximizing energy yield.

  • 125kW rated AC power

  • 0 power derating at high temp.

  • 12 independent solar strings

  • 600V-1500V full MPPT range

  • 99.3% peak efficiency

  • Natural cooling

  • Built-in redundancy

  • Elimination of filter capacitor

  • Maintenance free operation

  • Long life-time

  • 5kW/kg power-to-weight ratio

  • 2kW/L power-to-volume ratio 

  • No extra DC combiner


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11-203 9211 116 ST NW Edmonton

Alberta, T6G 1H9, Canada

Tel: 780-695-4770​